Why Take Lessons?

If you are like many couples, you might be a bit worried about your first dance. You want to create a romantic and elegant impression.  Don’t

assume that somehow it will all magically come together on your wedding day. To dance together comfortably and without stepping on each other’s toes requires an understanding of  dance position and partnering skills. With just a little preparation, you can take the spotlight with confidence and ease on your wedding day.

As a dance teacher, I can help you:

  • Select your special song.
  • Identify the dance style that is compatible  with your song.
  • Develop partnering skills so that you move easily together.
  • Learn simple patterns so that you will glide smoothly around the floor.
  • Feel comfortable when entering and exiting the dance floor.
  • End your first dance with ease and a little dazzle.

There is no substitute for working one on one with an instructor to learn the finer points of dancing.  Private lessons afford you this kind of attention.  Here all lessons are private and 55 minutes in duration.